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African mahogany logsThe key to success when growing African mahogany in plantations is to make sure the best trees are able to grow as fast as possible, by removing the poorer trees. The hard part is knowing when to thin the plantation, how many trees to keep, and what to do with the trees that are not worth keeping. There are very few options for selling the logs, particularly when each grower only has a small number of logs worth selling. However if many small growers combine their resources, there is a better chance of organising a sale of plantation thinnings.

Forsite Forestry is working with a group of Townsville growers to determine how much wood is available that meets the specifications of the international buyers. Any growers with trees aged 10 years or older are welcome to join the group. For an obligation-free site inspection and appraisal of your trees, please email Forsite Forestry.Non-thinned-African mahogany plantation