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New Plantations

Professional advice can help you avoid costly mistakes when establishing a new plantation.

Many landowners want to achieve a range of goals, such as nature conservation, beautifying their property and having an investment for the future.  Alex can discuss ways to integrate and optimise these varying objectives in the design phase.  Alex has a wide knowledge of tree species suitable for tropical Australia, and can recommend the best species mixtures for your site, to achieve your objectives.

Alex can also help landowners develop a budget, so they know in advance what costs to expect; a very common cause of failure is poor weed control, because landowners spend their funds planting the trees and have nothing left!  Other common problems include poor seedling quality, poor planting method, and planting into soil that is too dry, too wet, or otherwise unsuitable.

If you are a landowner interested in growing trees, please click here to contact Alex.

Existing Plantations

Maximising the growth and value of a plantation requires management.

Alex can provide advice on weed control, tree health and nutrition, as well as pruning and thinning to maximise the value of the trees. Alex is also skilled in tree measurement, and can provide plantation owners with estimates of tree growth rates, and likely harvesting volumes. Alex can also indicate how those growth rates compare with other tree plantations in your area and throughout Australia.

If you are the owner of an established plantation and would like to find out more about the potential of your trees, please click here to contact Alex.

Agronomy and Soils

Many of the principles of tree health and nutrition apply equally to fruit trees as well as forestry species.

Alex has worked with several horticultural tree growers to get the best outcome for their crop, whether it be mangoes, avocadoes, limes. Alex is an Accredited Adviser under the Fertcare Scheme, and able to provide advice and interpretation of soil and leaf tests.

Alex has a degree in soil science and has undertaken land evaluation work for several clients, and also assisted landowners with clearing permit applications requiring an assessment of site capability.

If you would like independent advice on nutritional needs of your tree crop, please click here to contact Alex.